COVID and the City

Photograph taken in Aarau city, in April 2021. The statue is actually dedicated to the soldiers of the Aargau during the years 1914-1918, and 1930-1945. Triggered by the actual pandemic situation and the actual scenes and situations in the cities now, another interpretation suggested itself.

Fast Train – Into the Night

Photograph taken in Aarau, close to the station (in the vicinity of an overpass leading to the station). The weather conditions were good, I just had to find a good setup and wait for a train on a track close to me. Made several shots here, and this is one result.

Archway with Moon

Shot taken at Lenzburg Castle at night. During this late afternoon and into the evening I made a photo excursion to Lenzburg Castle. First the weather was not looking too promising, but after a while it cleared up (after some rain) and it turned out to be a nice evening. Couldn’t resist to make this …

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