Ship sized building - Aarau

Ship Sized Building – Aarau

In Aarau, close to the main station, you will find this impressing ship sized building. Almost as if – when you arrive at the station – there is a ship waiting for you to continue your journey. This building is actually the Building “Behmen II Süd”. It is a residential and office building, directly above the undercrossing of the railway. It is owned by the “Winterthur Leben” (life insurance company). The architects company has been the “Baader Architekten AG”. Besides offices and apartments, there is also a parking garage contained in the building (multi storey).

Photographically, it is always great to explore different positions and see how the impression of the building varies when looking at it from different perspectives. I think it is also a good habit to find the best point to view at a motif by walking around, trying different locations and also different heights, maybe going down a little with the camera, or even up – as far as it is possible. You will find, that there is points from where you can get a completely different impression of the motif, a completely different mood and atmosphere. It might be time consuming, but – in many cases – it is really rewarding. Just zooming in and, but not moving around a little, gives not always the best results. What I am doing, is, just taking a prime lens, and see how it will work out. This way, I am forced to find the best point for a certain picture. Comparing this with the more “comfortable” zooming, it can give surprising results. In this picture (ship sized building “Behmen II”), I have been going for leading lines, and also symmetry. There is also other pictures from different perspectives in this collection of the Behmen II building. Just find out what you like best.

The photograph has been taken in the later afternoon, just before it was getting dark. I have been using a 20 mm lens here.

Here is more of the portfolio!

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