Aarau Impression from Kirchgasse

Night Impression of Aarau (Switzerland) – Overview from Kirchgasse

Picture featuring a night impression of Aarau (Switzerland) on a autumn evening in 2021. Other pictures from this day can be found also here.

Aarau is the capital (Hauptort) of the canton Aargau. It is approximately 40 km away from Zurich, and also around 40 km away from Basel. It has more than 20.000 inhabitants.

Going to the “Kirchgasse” in Aarau, close to the Stadtkirche, there is a nice vantage point from where you have a good view over some  parts of Aarau (Aarau Switzerland, the capital of the Kanton “Aargau”) . It is a good place to go during the day, and also at night. Sometimes it is a bit crowded, but usually it’s great. And due to COVID, there are fewer people around anyway. Generally,  very rewarding to go there. As I like exploring cities also at night, I went there after sunset. The weather was not too great, but there was no rain during this night. I  could capture the autumn atmosphere with the trees in the foreground and interesting clounds in the sky. The rising steam cloud in the background that is nicely illuminated comes from the power plant Gösgen (from my vantage point I was looking in an eastern or south eastern direction, so there was direct sight to the power plant). Whenever I have the time and am close to the place, I have a look, and it is amazing how the atmosphere varies from day to day, sometimes even within an hour or two.

The photograph is a long time exposure, using a 20mm wide angle lens. Having a sturdy tripod for a shot like this is mandatory, of course. I have been using an carbon tripod of Manfrotto, which is light and can be carried around easily (you can’t go by car to this vantage point).


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