Night Photography

Night Walk

Night Walk

Ever decided to go out at night, without a special reason, without a certain destination, just because you want it? Because you feel it is right to breathe the cool air of the night right now, see what it is like to be part of the city, part of what is happening outside, and part …

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Fast Train

Fast Train

Light trails of a train coming out of a tunnel. This shot was taken in the early evening, where it was dark enough to get the light trails, but also bright enough to capture a piece of the sky.

Aarau Impression from Kirchgasse

Night Impression of Aarau (Switzerland) – Overview from Kirchgasse

Picture featuring a night impression of Aarau (Switzerland) on a autumn evening in 2021. Other pictures from this day can be found also here. Aarau is the capital (Hauptort) of the canton Aargau. It is approximately 40 km away from Zurich, and also around 40 km away from Basel. It has more than 20.000 inhabitants. …

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Fast Train – Into the Night

Photograph taken in Aarau, close to the station (in the vicinity of an overpass leading to the station). The weather conditions were good, I just had to find a good setup and wait for a train on a track close to me. Made several shots here, and this is one result.