Night Walk

Night Walk

Ever decided to go out at night, without a special reason, without a certain destination, just because you want it? Because you feel it is right to breathe the cool air of the night right now, see what it is like to be part of the city, part of what is happening outside, and part of something that you otherwise would have missed, if you just stayed at home, in front of your computer or in front of your TV. Not expecting something big, but have the awareness of what is around you, and find beauty and inspiration in the little things that unfold as you move on, continue on your random way across some part of the city that you might have never seen before this way. And, maybe, might not sense the same way ever again, even if you came back a dozen times or more.

The night is special. Places that you wouldn’t have considered giving them a second glance suddenly appear in a diversity of pretty lights and shapes, and shadows, giving them a special, even unique look. Places that even appear ugly during the day might turn out to be something so pretty that you wondered why you didn’t notice them before in this way. And all the smells, all the aromas that are still faintly noticeable carried to you with the cool air, add to the overall impression, creating a moment that will last in your memory. The odor of the nearby rails mixing with some faint scent of a far away take away stand, with sausages and french fries. Even the exhaust fumes of the cars and trucks of the nearby road is now something that is not bothering you, as it usually would, but just something that has to be there exactly the way it is, in this very special, volatile, and exciting moment. Like all this is meant to be, always was there before, and still might not feel the same just an hour later, or tomorrow.

Later, being at home, in bed, and just thinking your last thoughts of the day, thinking of your trivial and nonetheless wonderful and joyful walk where you had been alone, just you and the special setup that the city prepared for you that night, just for free, creating a unique experience you might remember for a long time, you gradually slide away into the world of dreams. While the places you had visited just some time ago turn, as the dawn slowly creeps over the horizon, to the grayish and petty voidness they always had been.

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