Schloss Lenzburg at Night - Black and White

Lenzburg Castle at Night

The shot “Lenzburg Castle at Night” was taken not too far away from the parking space close to Lenzburg Castle, near the road leading to the parking area.

Lenzburg Castle (Schloss Lenzburg) is one of the oldest and most important medieval castles in Switzerland. It was most likely built in the year 1036. The castle was mentioned the first time in the year 1077 in an official document. But even before that date, there were already settlements in this area. Traces of settlements date back even to the New Stone Age. Since it has been built, there were many different residents in Schloss Lenzburg, for example the ears of Lenzburg, the Staufer and the Habsburger. Actually many more. If you are interested in the history of Schloss Lenzburg, here is a good place to go.

Schloss Lenzburg is since 1956 open to the public.

Photographically, Schloss Lenzburg is always a highlight. I like to go there, even if the weather is not that great, as you can experience and also capture many different atmospheres, moods and situations. And, of course, there is always something to discover, sometimes even small things, that sometimes really ask for being the main actor of a photograph.

And, of course, having impressions of the whole castle, maybe from different angles, at day, at night, or even when it is raining, can be very rewarding, not only photographyically, but also personally. Ont thing is for sure: One day is by far not enough to explore it all.

If you are in Switzerland, or visiting Switzerland, it should be on you “bucket list”. It is not difficult to reach, and there is even a big parking space close by, that is not expensive. To get to it, it is just a little uphill walk, which is in itself quite interesting, as you can see the castle from so many angles while you walk up. If you come during the day, there is also guided tours, where you can have a deeper insight into the history and more of Schloss Lenzburg. Details you can find on the web site mentioned above.

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