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Do you like taking pictures? Seems almost everybody does it. For many and different reasons. Some just for reminiscing events, maybe with friends, relatives, a nice vacation. Or a nice dinner, a great place at the beach with the girl friend, a road trip they had planned for a long time.
Maybe just to capture some magnificent landscape they had been visiting. Some do it for documentary purposes. Like evidence pictures taken by the police. Or the sort of pictures you can find on Google Maps. Even paranormal groups try to find evidence of “unnatural” phenomena by harnessing cameras that can take pictures using not only visible light, but also infrared or ultraviolet. Millions of surveillance cameras all over the world give their owners a feeling of safety, and help authorities to solve crimes. There is the journalistic genre, also often documentary, but
often more. And then there is the huge ad producing industry. Sophisticated pictures of food, cars, clothes, basically everything. And, of course, there are those “Paparazzis”, who – sometimes – delight us with the newest versions of pictures – often, of course, combined with the “newest” gossip – of celebrities, VIPs or people who think that they belong to those groups. Or just think being important.

And last, not least, there is people who create what is called “fine art”. Who want to convey what they see and how they see it a picture, and in a picture. Those photographs usually tell a story. They express the feelings of the photographer, forward a message, for the viewer to find out. Sometimes it is just about beauty, e.g. the beauty of nature, picking an aspect of it and presenting it in a picture. Or creating a beautiful composition of everyday things, showing them in a completely new light. Sometimes it is about people, who are featured in portraits, or in all kinds of situations. The possibilities are endless, and due to the technical development of equipment, they are even expanding. And, of course, there are not fixed boundaries. Some ads really are pieces of art, and there is also many examples of great photojournalism photographs. And, in the end, if the creator is lucky, those works of art might wind up in galleries, or even in people’s homes, making the home more complete, brighten up the day of the people who live there and showing the style and taste of the home owner.

This site is mostly about the latter type of pictures. I would be glad if you enjoy your stay here, and have fun with the site and the pictures. Feel free to add your thoughts, your opinion, to this blog. Also if you miss something here, or if you have questions,  just feel free to ask.

“There are always two people in every picture: The photographer and the viewer.”
Ansel Adams


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