Aarau Tower "Obertorturm"

Aarau – Street and “Obertorturm”

Night shot along the street (“Vordere Vorstadt”) in Aarau downtown in the direction of the tower “Obertorturm”. Long time exposure. This photograph is also part of a series of pictures shot during this event.

Some facts about the “Obertorturm”: The Obertorturm was originally built in the 13. century. It once contained a prison (no, there are no prisoners being kept there any longer 😉 ), and the apartment of the tower carekeeper. And, of course, there is the iron clock that was built in 1532. On top – on the roof, there is a “Glockenspiel” (chimes).

You can also visit the Obertorturm (guided tour), if you are around and want to have a look by yourself. Information on how and when to visit the tower is available on the Aarau Info web site. There you will also find many more details not only about this tower, but also how life was at this place in the old days, and what kind of problems the people were facing there. Definitely interesting stuff, to know a little more about the long history of this building.

The photograph is – as mentioned above – a long time exposure, to also add some lighttrails to the scene. This usually takes a while, till it needs usually several attempts till the light trails are captured in a way that adds to the whole composition. Sometimes it is just a waiting game, till the right cars/buses or bikes are passing by. For this shot I have been using a 100m lens.

Here is more of the portfolio!

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