Aare Floodwater

Aare Floodwater

Long time exposure taken at daylight engaging a ND filter, after days of rainfall, with floodwater happening in many places of Switzerland, featuring the Aare in Switzerland, Aargau.

The summer 2021 has been quite wet (actually, wet and way too cold, you couldn’t really speak of a summer). The photograph has been taken end of July (28.07.2021), but there had been lots of rain before. So around this time, many rivers all over Switzerland, and, of course, also in the Aargau, were carrying huge amounts of water, leading to problems in many areas. Basements were flooded, streets could not be used because they were flooded, debris was floating around, so it was a remarkable time.

Photographically, of course, there suddenly were new opportunities, to find motifs that usually cannot be found. In this case, I was doing a long time exposure (during bright daylight, so I had to use a ND filter) featuring the Aare region. The shot has been made from a bridge over the Aare. This bridge belongs to the Aare power station Rupperswil Auenstein. Experiencing the huge amounts of water flowing by was quite impressing. The power station couldn’t use all this water to produce electricity, so a lot of it was let over the dam, giving quite a spectacular view. On the other side of the bridge (actually, it is just a smaller way for pedestrians and bicycles, so not an official road that is usually used by cars regularly, so when taking pictures, this is a good thing), the side you can see on the picture, you can see the body of water go by, being smoothed by the long time exposure. At the far end of the picture, you can see another bridge over the Aare, close to the place from where I had started. At the time when I made this shot, the rain had already stopped, and the weather was getting a little better for a short while 😉

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