Boathouse in the "Hallwilersee"

Hallwilersee Boathouse

There are quite a few boathouses (actually around 70) located in/at the Hallwilersee, some of them really nice and scenic.

Shot taken during a nice summer’s day after a nice walk from “Schloss Hallwyl” to the Hallwilersee. Alps can be seen in the background.

Some facts on the Hallwilersee: 8,4 km long, 1,5 km broad at the broadest part (so a good swimmer could swim over the lake easily), and 47 m deep. Most of it lies in the area of Lenzburg and Kulm in the Kanton Aargau, and some of it belongs to Hochdorf and Sursee, located in the Kanton Luzern.

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