Hallwilersee - Dusk

Hallwilersee – Dusk

Hallwilersee lies in Kanton Aargau and Luzern (1/6th of the area). It is located in the region “Mittelland”. There is a long history of settlements at the shores of the Hallwilersee. Already during the stone age there were several settlements at the lake. There was also a settlement of the Romans (at Seengen).

It is a great place to visit. In spring you might be surprised by the red shores, caused by some algae (Burgunderblutalge), giving the lake a different look (I took another photo of that). Here, I went to the northern shore, where you have – if the sight is clear – a nice view to the alps across the lake. On this special day, the calm lake and nice clouds created a serene mood.

The Hallwilersee is a great location for some trips. There are lots or restaurants close to the sea, and also several open air baths. If you like hiking, there is also a path around the whole lake. It is 22km long, so actually it will take a while, especially as you will find lots of nice place with great views, where you most likely will stop and enjoy what you see. During the summer, you can also have a nice boat trip on the one of the boats of the “Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Hallwilersee“.

This picture feature a Hallwilersee – Dusk atmosphere.

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