Schloss Hallwyl - Night

Schloss Hallwyl – Night

The castle “Schloss Hallwyl” is located on two islands within the Aabach. It is part of the Museum Aargau. At night, the water around the castle is often illuminated (or let’s say, part of it), giving this beautiful green color, contrasting against the stone walls of the castle. It is always rewarding to visit Schloss Hallwyl, also during the day, of course, where you can also visit the castle from inside. If you would like to make a short hike, you can also walk past Schloss Hallwyl, and go further till you reach the Hallwilersee, where you have – if the weather is on your side – a wonderful view over the Lake Hallwyl with the alps on the far end. And, of course, viewing Schloss Hallwyl at Night can be also very atmospheric, and rewarding. Also a bit spooky, of course, as those old buildings often have something to it and have seen lots of things over the decades and even centuries. During the day, there are often events taking place at Schloss Hallwyl, including nightly games. You can also have a guided tour, and can even rent rooms for private events, like a wedding, or a special birthday party. But, of course, Schloss Hallwyl at night is even a bit more special.

On this photograph Schloss Hallwyl is photographed from the entrance side. At this time of the day (or night) it is still nicely illuminated, but closed, of course.

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