Super Moon

Moon stacked from about 90 pictures. I started with about 190, but some of
them were did not make it into the final selection of the real good pictures,
without too much blur due to the atmosphere.

Why is it called a “super moon”? If the full moon or new moon phase occurs during the closest approach to earth, the so called “perigee”, it gets the attribute “super”. If the moon is in the “new moon” phase during it’s closest approach to the earth, it is usually called a “super new moon”. There is also the definition by the exact distance, for example, if the distance between both centers of earth and moon is less than 360000 km.

For this shot, I used a Tamron 300 mm tele lens, and a Nikon APS-C DSLR. Exposure time is not critical, so you could even try without a tripod, but, of course, having a sturdy tripod and some remote shutter release is the better option. In this case exposure time was around 1/60 seconds, and the aperture was 5,6. The seeing was ok, but usually you have to go through all the images and throw away some of them, where the movement of the atmosphere created some blurryness.

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