Prime Tower Zurich

Zurich Prime Tower

Do you like to visit cities? If you are in Switzerland, you should come to Zurich. This town offers lots of things to look at, like churches, museums, or just impressing buildings and places. Besides the things that big towns usually offer, like shopping opportunities, nice restaurants, cinemas, and much more. If you are a photographer, or just like to take photos, then Zurich is also for you. Some of the places and buildings are really a “must see” or a “must’ve been”. In this case, just have a look at the Zurich Prime Tower, which I was lucky to capture on a nice summer’s day with nice weather.

The prime tower in Zurich is a highrise, close to the Station “Hardbrücke”, 126 meters and 36 stories high. It is always great to look at – and also to photograph. It is owned by the “Swiss Prime Site” company. The architects have been Gigon and Guyer. From 2011 till 2015 it even has been the highest building in Switzerland. It is an office tower, offering office rooms and infrastructure for lots of companies. There is also a bar and a restaurant in the 35th floor, which is, of course, a highlight for many visitors. From these places you have a great view over Zurich.

There are lots of nice views and perspectives, depending on weather, time of day, your own mood… And, due to the way the Zurich Prime Tower is built, the shape of the building changes, depending on where you stand and from which point you look at it. So it is always rewarding walking around a little bit, and experiment with different view points.

If you visit Zurich, just see for yourself. And there are many other places close by you also might like to see – and photograph.

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