Dramatic Mountain Mood

Dramatic Mountain Mood

Photograph taken in Engelberg / Switzerland. Changing weather conditions this day created the opportunity for this photograph. The sun was already close to the horizon, illuminating parts of the scene with a yellowish light, as it peeked through between the clouds for some moments. This day, the conditions were changing constantly, so I had to act fast to be able to feature this scene. A couple of minutes earlier or later, the mood and this photograph would have been completely different. The conditions in the mountains are well known to be able to change quite fast, so I was lucky to capture this “dramatic mountain mood” image.

Been to Engelberg already? Here are some facts: Engelberg is a town in the alps in central Switzerland. It is located in the Kanton “Obwalden”. There are lots of ways you can do some recreational activities there. In Winter, many people come for skiing, of course. Many slopes and aerial passenger lines invite to practice this sport. In summer, or other seasons, you can hike on one of the many hiking trails and enjoy the impressing nature and mountains. For people who like to ride their bicycle, there are many bike trails with different skill requirements. From a relaxed trail you can do with your e-bike to some steep slopes, there is something for everyone. And, of course, for photographers, there is no favorite season. Think you can go there anytime, even if I prefer going there outside the skiing season, as it won’t be too crowded around this time.

More information on this nice location can be found here.

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