Two Trees

Two Trees

I found this scene close to Weggis, Switzerland. Two trees were lining up perfectly, giving the impression of a single tree, featuring an interesting shape, with the round treetop of the hidden tree peeking through.

Weggis is a little town in the canton “Luzern”. Weggis is located at the “Vierwaldst√§ttersee”, and is well known for its mild climate. Lots of plants that are usually growing in a more southern part of the world can grow there. Weggis is a great vacation place, and has a lot to offer.

One of the reasons why I try to take a camera with me when I go outside is that you often find something interesting. And it happened to me so often that I just didn’t happen to have some camera with me. Ok, nowadays it is a bit easier, as usually everybody carries a cellphone on them, but that is not often a good alternative to a “real” camera. Even if the cellphone cameras get better and better.

Black an white impression.

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